The Ducat Consulting Group

 ~Writing business plans designed to get loan packages approved.

A company without a business plan is like a ship without a sail...

The Ducat Consulting Group focuses on three areas of expertise:

  • Business Plan Construction
  • Executive, Niche and Technical Resume Writing
  • Drafting proposal packages in response to RFP's (Requests for Proposals)

Business Plan Writing Services ($50/hour)

The Ducat Consulting Group's founder, Malcolm Welborn has 20 years of experience participating in the completion of various projects at the corporate level that required a high level of technical writing ability. Mr. Welborn has over 10 years of experience writing corporate business plans that clearly define a company's target market, the challenges and threats posed by their competition and a comprehensive marketing plan designed to increase customers and profits. The Ducat Consulting Group also helps business owners ascertain realistic financial projections based on a documented financial history and expected growth.  DCG specializes in documentation design, organization & storage with a focus on business plan construction in particular. DCG is very committed to the military community, providing resume writing services that cater to military personnel transitioning to a civilian career.

Resume Writing Services ($50/hour)

Mr. Welborn believes a resume is more than just a detailed description of a person's professional accomplishments and credentials. A well written resume leaves the reader intrigued, with the desire to know a little more about what the applicant may bring to the table. DCG understands the importance of giving enough information without giving too much information. Having someone professionally reorganize and rewrite your resume, will increase the number of job interviews that you schedule and will also increase the number of job offers you receive. Poor grammar & spelling errors in resumes reviewed by Human Resources are considered grounds for immediate disqualification as an applicant for a job opening. 

In order to grow professionally and become more desirable as a potential hire, investing in experienced resume writing expertise that will distinguish you from other candidates is a worthwhile consideration. Experienced applicants with professionally written resumes get more interviews and job offers than applicants who are content writing and editing their own resume. Would you perform surgery on yourself or would you be more comfortable allowing a surgeon to do what they do best. Would you defend yourself in court or would you be more comfortable paying top dollar for an experienced lawyer to utilize their expertise, if your freedom was in jeopardy. The value of a well written resume should be viewed the same way. If you decide to trust a professional with your resume needs going forward, you will never look back. Position yourself to be paid a more competitive salary and demand a comprehensive fringe benefits package i.e. more annual leave, higher bonuses, better healthcare options  

Proposal Writing Services ($100/hour)

DCG has a fluid understanding of the federal procurement process and has written award winning proposals for corporations in the electronics, security & telecommunications sectors. As a result of Ducat Consulting Group being located in the Northern Virginia area and its close proximity to a multitude of government agencies, DCG is very sensitive to the needs of federal customers. If your company needs assistance in this area, consider the benefits of having additional resources at your disposal that could be the difference between getting a proposal in by the deadline or getting it in a few hours late. The Ducat Consulting Group is in the business of giving our customers the best possible chance of bidding on a government or private sector contract and winning.

DCG provides consulting services related to technology, business optimization, cost benefit analysis, infrastructure upgrades, risk assessment, network backbone maintenance and change management. DCG employs consultants who specialize in Application Development, Network Design, Network Planning, Network Security and Project Management.